Home Recipies How to make Indian sweet Kaju Katli at home with cashew nut

How to make Indian sweet Kaju Katli at home with cashew nut

Make delicious Kaju Katli at home in an easy way and serve tasty dessert in pooja as well as the party.

What is Kaju Katli?

Kaju means Cashew. Kaju Katli is very famous in India because it is super healthy and tasty. It’s healthy for the heart and but try to avoid overeating because it has omega 3 fatty acid and lots of fats. It is also called Kaju barfi made with lots of Kaju(cashew) it is very popular Indian sweets and best for gifted and pooja time.

Is Cashew is good for weight loss?

Kaju Katli has carbohydrates and fat and it has a good source of protein which may help you for weight loss.

How many days do we store Kaju Katli?

You can store Kaju Katli for 5-6 months. Store in a cool and dry place so that Kaju katli or room temperature.


Let us see the ingredients of delicious Kaju Katli- Sugar 400 gram, water 200 ml, Cashew nut 500gm, ghee 1 teaspoon, silver warq 7-8 leaves, milk powder 40 grams. For making mouth-melting traditional Indian style Kaju Katli does not skip ant ingredients.


For sweet and tasty Kaju katli make follow the instruction and try to make your day special. Firstly pick the broken Cashew nut but you can also take whole cashew nut if you want to. But usually halwai use the broken one. So let us take broken Cashew nut. Now grand all the cashew nut in a mixture grinder. After that add the cashew powder into a sieve because sieving the cashew nut powder is really important otherwise your Kaju Katli can be crumbly and Greene.

Now add 40 grams of milk powder then mix it very well. Now keep it aside then heat a pan or kadhai then add sugar than water. Make sugar syrup once you see large bubbles in a pan or kadhai. Then you must think that our sugar syrup is absolutely ready. Now off the flame and add the powder into syrup. Start mixing it take time and mix it well just spread it in a kadhai and cool down. It will take times 1-2 hours. Then take a big plastic or butter paper then after cooling our mixture transfer it into plastic or butter paper. Now start kneading it, kneading this Kaju katli is really important it is done so that we can get mouth-melting Kaju katli.

Make a soft dough type then roll it into a 1cm thick then apply a little bit of ghee into the top then apply silver warq and cut it vertically then diagonally. Now our soft and mouth melting Kaju katli are ready to serve.


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