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Yamaha Sales December 2020: Yamaha sold 39,224 vehicles last month, an increase of 33%

Bike and scooter manufacturer Yamaha Motor India has released its sales figures for December 2020. Yamaha sold 39,224 units of vehicles in December 2020, according to data released by the company. In the same month last year, the company sold 29,486 units.

Talking about year-on-year sales, the company’s sales have increased by 33 percent this year. Let us know that Yamaha had gained 17 percent in September 2020 as compared to September 2019 and sold 63,052 units.

At the same time, in July, the company had sold 49,989 unit vehicles, gaining 4.3 percent. The company achieved 14.8 percent growth in August 2020 and sold 60,505 unit vehicles.

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Talking about the month of October, Yamaha Motorcycle had gained 31 percent and sold 60,176 units of vehicles, while in October 2019 the company sold 46,082 units of vehicles. Talking about November 2020, the company sold a total of 53,208 units of vehicles in this month and achieved a growth of 35 percent over the previous year. In October last year, the company sold 39,406 unit vehicles.

The company has expressed the hope that in the year 2021, the overall demand for personal mobility may increase. Let us know that the company is planning to introduce a new bike in the mid-size adventure touring segment.

Under this scheme, the company has recently registered the name FZ-X for a new bike. It is being told that this bike of the company will be a mid-size adventure bike based on a 250 cc engine. This bike will compete in the 250-300 cc adventure bikes of Royal Enfield Himalayan and KTM in the market. The design of this bike can be based on the platform of Yamaha FZ-25 or FZS-25.


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