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How to Make Delicious China Puti Fish Fry

China Puti Fish Fry.


1. 5-6 tbsp cooking oil.

2. 1 tbsp Salt.

3. Half tbps Ginger paste.

4. 1 tbps Garlic paste.

5. 2 tbps Chili paste.

6. 2 tbps Turmeric powder.

7. Lemon sauce.


1. Fish should be washed well.

2. Then sauce and salt should be applied well.

3. Then applied ginger paste , chili paste , garlic paste and Turmeric powder very well.

4. Now , let’s prepare china Putty Fish Fry. Fist hit oil in a pan , when it’s medium hot add little garlic paste , little salt and little chili paste. After add Marinated fish, again fry 10-15 min.

5. Now our China Putty Fish Fry & it’s is ready to taste.

Tips :
1 . You can add coriander paste & onion paste. According to your own taste.

2.Eat with ketchup or chili sauce for taste.


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