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Reel’s Montu Pilot sets to fly high with Trinamool Congress

This young and bold actor officially enters into mainstream politics under the banner of Trinamool or Grass-flower, when the preparation for upcoming Bengal election is in full phase. Sourav Das has been one of the most loved Bengali actors of recent times. With this decision of him adrenalin has already been ignited among his fans.

He has made his debut in YouTube short film, 3 in a Bed. He have worked in several YouTube Short films. Now Sourav has become a part of the mainstream Bengali cinema, & gained much fame through his works. Sourav has acted in several series and films. We know him best for the HoiChoi webseries of Charitraheen & Montu Pilot. We have recently seen him in the third season of Charitraheen opposite Swastika Mukherjee, which released just a month ago. Spectators have always praised the marvellous acting skills of him. It’s about to see how his fans who are mostly youngsters, reacts to this decision of him.

Sourav Das has been in the spotlight in social media for his remarks on the current prevalent scenarios. Some had claimed he is a communist, while some said he is a right wing supporter. Sourav’s instagram post with a wall painting of Che Guevara has made people anticipate him a communist. However solving all the mysteries, Sourav have today joined Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress party. As per sources just hours ago, Sourav has officially joined the party, also chanted “Joy Bangla” (Long live Bengal) slogans.


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